Greetings Friends and Ministry Partners,

When we let go and let God take control it’s amazing to see what He can and will do.  It was 2001 when Blue Ridge Ministries was founded and it’s hard for me to believe what God has done in such a short time.  We began Great Dads seminars in 2003 and since that time God has allowed us to conduct 250 seminars.  The awesome part about this is that it has given us the opportunity to share the Good News of Christ and Parenting Skills with over 8100 dads across the country.  Even more exciting is that it has allowed us to impact directly or indirectly over 26,000 children.  Praise God from whom all Blessings Flow.

I want to thank each of you from the bottom of my heart for the monthly support and special gifts you have provided through the years.  It’s only through your generosity and by the Grace of God that we have been able to witness these results.  As God is continuing to provide opportunities for us to share the Good News I need to ask for the continued help and support of friends like each of you.

I would like to share my heart and the call God has placed on my life and Blue Ridge Ministries.  I believe the time is growing short for us to impact the Kingdom.  When we look around at the events taking place today I believe Jesus is standing at the door waiting for the Father to say go and get my children.  Friends, we need to decide where to invest… either in this world system which is going to pass away or make eternal investments in the Kingdom which will last forever.  I know the world’s economy looks and is bleak, but we, as followers of Jesus Christ, serve a God whose economy is not lacking and He is the the one we need to place our trust in.  I have, over the past few years, learned to trust God for every need we have, but his plan is to also use people to accomplish his purpose.

The ministry has some special needs as God takes us to the next level of His call on the ministry.  I would like to ask you to prayerfully consider how you could sow into His Kingdom through Blue Ridge Ministries.  Our present needs are to replace a laptop that’s nine years old and some wireless microphones for a sound system, as well as purchasing teaching material, Holistic Hardware Bibles and Manuals for life skill classes we conduct, and discipleship books for Bible Studies.  We are in need of forty individuals or businesses who would prayerfully seek God about a $100.00 per month donation to help us meet our monthly budget.  Friends, God sends us out but I want you to remember it’s God through you that makes all this possible.  Think about this as you pray that in Heaven one of these individuals may walk up to you and say ‘I am here because you gave’.

In His Service,

Jim Williams

Blue Ridge Ministries

P.O. Box 24105

Greenville, SC 29616-4105

(864) 630-4950

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